Benefits of What3Words

Don't Speak Maltese?
Never get lost again
With the what3words app, it’s easy to find, share and save precise locations.

Save 3 Euro Per Delivery!




This is What to Do.

  1. Download the What3words app or click on the Map of Gozo or Malta

  2. Find the Square where you want your Parcel Delivered to

  3. Enter the three-word address on the booking form 

  4. Save 3 Euros Per Delivery! Simple as that.

  5. Or Pay the Regular Price with no Discount.

  6. The Choice is Yours



Improve customer experience
Customers expect quick and hassle-free service. With precise what3words addresses, couriers know exactly where to deliver. It’s easier to predict delivery times, so customers receive a more accurate ETA and get their packages on time.

Increase efficiencies

Using what3words addresses for city deliveries can reduce delivery times in the last mile by up to 42%, meaning faster delivery fulfilment and savings on mileage.

With confirmed, highly accurate location information, more first-time deliveries are successful.

Always accurate delivery points

Globally, 70% of addresses don’t lead to the front door of a property² and new builds take time to appear on maps. With what3words, customers can refer to a specific door, entrance or safe place to leave their package with great accuracy and little room for error.

How it works

Customers enter their what3words address at checkout on e-commerce platforms, which are then passed on to Gozo Direct Drivers.

Our tech converts the what3words address to GPS coordinates for use in route optimisation or delivery software.

Drivers navigate to their exact destination, reducing delayed or failed deliveries in the last mile.